Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Really Great Video

This is a great video.  I stopped what I was doing to post it here it is so good.  I found it at Aggie Catholics.

Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

This week in my Intro to Scripture class at JP Catholic, we learned all about the connections between the Davidic Kingdom and Jesus and the Kingdom of God.  I'd heard that before of course, but it really opens up the Gospels in a whole new way.  There's always something to learn about the Bible and it just makes it more and more amazing.

I remember when I first started reading the Bible I assumed it would be like reading the Lord of the Rings.  It is about the same size.  I figured I'd read it once or twice, check out some information on the internet, and be good to go.  The truth is I have yet to find anything I can't explore more.  I've forgotten 100 times more of what I've learned than what I can even retain, and I can only imagine that there is a thousand times more I'll never know.

The long story short:  I'm really loving this class and I'm loving the Bible more and more!

CrossFit is still amazing.  The coaches remember my goals and ask me about them every week.  My classmates also remember my goals and encourage me.  They'll even do it in the middle of a workout.  I can't even think about my own goals in the middle of a workout!

Starting Nanowrimo today!  Well, I cheated.  I started yesterday...  Or the day before.  This time, I'm writing about the same book I was writing last time!  There will be thrilling drama!  Some humor!  And the world will be saved!  Not necessarily ours.

As I write this, we are sitting here awaiting Trick or Treaters.  In honor of the faithful departed, I am eating candy.  I can't convince anyone else to share that with the little trick or treaters.  "Here's your candy, in honor of all the dead people she knows."   I suppose that could be awkward.

The other recommendation was to say "Don't be a pagan."

I went ice skating for the first time ever last weekend.  I liked it so much I went a second time.  I liked that so much I bought skates.  The funny thing is I don't really know how to skate.

Apparently it is really good for your health and fitness.  My food and calorie tracker says I expend 300 calories per hour.  I did the research, and in an hour I can skate around 6 miles!

You may have already seen this, but I got a huge kick out of this video this week.  Take a few minutes and take a look!

Last Friday was the best Friday ever at work.  We had a random guy show up and start talking to the service agents.  He acted weird and said his aunt worked there.  She doesn't.  Finally he left and wandered around the parking lot before going and sitting in a Prius in the employee parking.  The agents called the police and we locked down the building.

The police showed up and asked him to get out of the car.  He ignored them.  They told him to get out of the car.  He ignored them.  They yelled.  He finally got out and looked like he was going to comply, and then he took off running.  10 feet later, they nailed him with a Taser.

It turns out he had stolen the Prius earlier and was high.

The great thing about this was we were just feet away in a conference room with tinted windows.  We all sat inside and watched while the whole thing went down.  It was like Christmas.  Not the Incarnation aspect of course, but more like the secular gift giving part.

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