Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Well I have been off for a few weeks!  As mentioned yesterday, I've been busily finishing up a course at John Paul the Great Catholic University.   I completed the required Rosary Journal paper last weekend, and am preparing to study for the final exam this weekend.  The Rosary Journal was quite interesting as it required finding each mystery of the Rosary in the Bible, identifying how it fulfilled something from the Old Testament, and applying it to my life.  It took some time but I really found it to be helpful!

This week was also busy with travel as I visited my dad who had a partial hip replacement on Wednesday.  He broke his leg near the hip last year, and it never healed quite right.  During the surgery, they discovered the hardware they'd installed last year had broke.  If you're like me, you read that and thought "How does steel equipment like that break?"  There may have been some other, less appropriate words in there too.

I'm spending time with him now and he seems to be recovering well from this surgery.  He's making jokes about dancing the Macarena and getting cranky about any suggestion of vegetables (which is normal for him).  We are blessed to be in a Catholic hospital where it certainly appears nuns roam around bringing the Eucharist to Catholics and praying with all the patients.

This was a different surgeon this year and the hope is the new hardware will not break.  With any luck he'll be up and moving around again in a few weeks.  He won't be dancing though - he's not really into that.  Please keep him in your prayers!

CrossFit is going well, and I am well and truly addicted.  I was invited to spend time with a friend's family for Thanksgiving, with dinner Wednesday night instead of Thursday.  I actually asked how late I could get there so I could go ahead and attend my CrossFit class, and then I attended dinner without showering…  The same family has invited me to celebrate Christmas with them a week before the actual date, and I had to talk myself into skipping CrossFit to say yes.  I never used to enjoy exercise!  I don't know what happened!  The guys at work call it the Burpee Cult.

I certainly seem to be improving at CrossFit.  I feel far more comfortable doing the workouts and I rarely think "There's no way.  I'm going to die."  I no longer spend an hour post-workout laying on my living room floor, staring at the ceiling, wondering if I'll be able to move the next day.  And I feel great!  I feel much stronger and more confident and just overall much better.

If you're thinking of shipping anything for Christmas, now would be a good time.  USPS, UPS, and FedEx will all be busiest the week before Christmas.  Right now, you can use ground service with any company and get it there by Christmas.  This would be your cheapest option.  Make sure you get a service with a tracking number though, just in case.

Starting around the 18th, you'll need to go with an overnight or two day service if you really, really want it there by Christmas.  Sure, you could wait until the 23rd and do overnight, but none of those companies can prevent snowstorms.   Snowstorms anywhere in the country can prevent your package from arriving on time, as it affects the whole trucking and flight network for the companies.

Trust me, I know these things.  :)

I went shopping last week on Black Friday.  I know, crazy right?   I know a lot of people hate the Black Friday craziness going into Thursday, but I spent more time with my friends and family with the shopping.  We had a blast!  We were out from 11 PM to 7AM. The key is to arrive at the store 3-5 hours after they open.  By that point all the people willing to wait and possibly fight over the door busters will be gone.  I went to Sears, JC Penny, Kohl's, Best Buy, and Target without waiting in line at any of the stores.  Starbucks had the only line.  We did accidentally end up at a store when it opened.  I went in, I went out.  It was CRAZY.

Aside from that it was a pretty calm night.  There was one fight at the mall, but it appeared to be unrelated to the specials.  Two teens got into a fist fight outside the candy store.  Footlocker dropped their door in response to the "incident," and I watched an out of shape mall cop try to run.

Winter Storm Cleon is making its way through the country.  I didn't even know it had a name until I started watching the news, who was ALL OVER this story.  On the way to the hospital yesterday we saw a TV van camped out filming the intersection of two major roads.  This was hours before the storm was to hit.  They were still sitting there later when we drove home waiting for the snow.  How would you like to be that reporter and camera guy?

Random movie reviews!  I saw Ender's Game and Catching Fire recently.  Ender's Game was great, so long as the viewer understands they can't actually follow the book.  They can't.  It will be okay.  There's just no good way to cover the time covered in the book.  Ender couldn't grow up that fast.

Catching Fire was awesome!  It was probably my favorite book of the series, and I am in love with the movie.  I want to see it again in the theater.

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  1. #7. I so agree with you on Ender's game. When I wrote my post about it, we counted that there are some 20 seconds of movie time for every page in my paperback edition. It is impossible to cover everything and cover just the way it was in the book. The actors were just great.

    #6 I wonder if Cleon is related to Xaver that is just blowing through Europe?

  2. I love Cross Fit! My friend says they put something in the air to make us love it so much.