Thursday, December 5, 2013

And I'm back...

I know, I disappeared for awhile.  The problem isn't that there's nothing to write about - I have a stack of links and emails to myself on topics to put here.  I just can't find time to write.

I'm finishing up the Introduction to Scripture class I've been taking at the John Paul the Great Catholic University.  I have absolutely loved this class.  I've learned so much from the reading and the lecture, and I can't wait to take Introduction to Scripture II starting in January.  If you ever have the chance (and time and money of course), I would definitely recommend this course.  They also have a free series on Catholicism you should check out otherwise - Pillars of Catholicism.

Well now that we're here, let me go ahead and give you ALL those links I've been saving up, just for you!

Nine Ways the Eucharist is Hidden in the Old Testament.  I sometimes hear Catholics wondering about the Eucharist, and I think if we better educated ourselves we'd feel more firm on this topic.  All topics, actually.  Are we letting laziness prevent our complete understanding of our faith?

50 Ways to Talk to God.  This is a wonderful blog entry for anyone who has ever struggled with prayer.  They always tell us to find time to pray, but what if we don't know how to get started?  Check out this list for Advent.

Ever heard that the Gospels must have been written after AD 70 because Jesus predicts the destruction of the Temple?  How else would He know about that, right?  While a convenient theory, it totally dismisses His divine nature.  There seems to be a lot of liberal analysis on the Bible that permeates our culture and even what we hear at church, and I find some of the logic used to date various books to fall into this category.  Apparently I'm not the only one.  Dating the New Testament.  Don't let anyone tell you we know for sure that Matthew didn't write his Gospel or Paul didn't write his letters or that Jesus didn't know the Temple would be destroyed.

In the totally unrelated section, we have Stress: It Could Save your Life.  I thought this was interesting. "In people who don’t see stress as a health threat, stress does not appear to increase mortality."

The Teenager Who Saved a Man with an SS Tattoo.  I'd never heard of this story out of Michigan from 1996.  What a great news item, and what a brave teen.

For Shame: I Make Jesus Sleep on My Couch.  What would our houses look like if space was allocated based on time spent doing any activity?  How big is your bedroom?  How big is your kitchen?  Where is Jesus?

You know how I love me some math and charts.  The last link was pretty cool - using math to come up with a spatial analysis.  This article has charts!  The Atrocities of Theism and Atheism Compared.  Hey!  Here's a surprise.  Theism is not actually the cause of more deaths than anything else.

A Sailor's Dying Wish.  This is just a nice story about a Pearl Harbor veteran and some awesome sailors.  Get a tissue.

Why is Jesus Bleeding?  Yeah.  Read this too.  Why IS Jesus bleeding?  Our salvation was not always a pretty thing to look at.

Oh!  Introverted people, how I love you.  From afar… we don't need to talk.  Here are some Signs You're a Catholic Introvert. "You like the Extraordinary Form of the Mass because prayer is easier for you when it involves zero eye contact with other people. The priest faces the altar, no sign of peace … equals introvert bliss."

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