Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goals



I was working on my 2014 goals post anyway when I saw this link-up from My Drop in the Ocean.  That worked out well!  If you're coming from there, welcome.  If you're coming from somewhere else, welcome, and check out that link-up!

Now for the goals!

1.  Spiritual Goals.  My first and primary goal is to grow closer to God.  Let's face it - any problems with that relationship are definitely on my end.  I think this year I need to spend more time replacing "ME" on my flowchart with "GOD."



Looks pretty easy from this angle, doesn't it?  All it took was some text editing!  Seriously though, I do have some specific goals in mind to this end.  Many of these things I'm doing already, but I wanted to include all of them so I wouldn't get lazy.

  • Read the Bible daily.  I've used the Logos software to develop a reading plan.  I'll get through the remainder of the Old Testament (I've already done about half in the last six months) and all of the New Testament by the end of May.
  • Pray daily.  I usually pray at night, but I need to spend more time in devoted prayer.
  • Attend daily mass at least once during the week.
  • Visit adoration at least once a month and confession at least every three months.
  • Read the daily readings.  I'm already doing this one and it is easy with Logos Verbum.  I check out the readings for the day and a saint every morning over breakfast.
  • Remember that this goal set is my primary goal set and not something I do when I have time.

2.  Family / Social Goals.  Perhaps it seems odd to put these together, but as a single woman living three hours from my nearest immediate family member, my close friends become my family.  I'm very blessed to have a few families who include me as part of their own nearby in addition to being blessed with a wonderful natural family.

  • Call and visit those immediate family members more often.  I call my dad around three times a week and usually get up to see him every month or so, but I can do a better job reaching out to my siblings.
  • Track down my nieces and nephews on social media.  They're not as into talking to Aunt Julie on the phone, so cyber-stalking them seems the answer!  (Kidding.  Mostly.)
  • Spend time with my current friends.  My closest friends are busy people (mostly moms) and I'm an introvert, so sometimes it can be easy to go weeks or months only talking if there's something specific to talk about or if there's a problem.  I need to make time to spend it with them.  They will always let me help out around the house while we talk!
  • As an introvert, it can be easy to hang out at home.  This isn't the ideal way to make new friends though!  At least once a month, I need to go out with someone or a group that isn't in my normal circle.

3.  Health and Nutrition Goals.  I have spent a few years studying the fact that when I eat fewer processed foods and exercise more, I feel better.  I think it is time to be consistent in putting that knowledge into practice.

  • I'm redefining my relationship with processed sugar (soda, ice cream, donuts).  I'm still quite in love, but it is becoming apparent it isn't a healthy relationship.  We can only see each other once a week now.
  • Spend more time on flexibility.  This includes stretching daily and especially after CrossFit and doing yoga once a week.
  • Run at least twice a week, weather permitting.
  • I'm still pursuing my goal of passing the PD agility test, so I need to keep doing CrossFit.  Fortunately, I love it!

4.  Other Personal Goals

  • Get A's in my classes. I'm taking courses toward a Certificate in Catholic Theology at John Paul the Great Catholic University.   I completed the first course, Introduction to Scripture I, a few weeks ago and am starting Introduction to Scripture II this week.
  • Read one fiction book each month.  This is a pathetic goal considering how fast I read and how much I like to read, but I often forget to do any reading due to my other tasks.  I am a book nerd though so it is important.
  • Write daily!  This can be my novel, this blog, or my journal.  Writing is good for the soul!
    • I'm not concerned about finishing my novel, but I can't continue this on-again-off-again relationship.  Just thinking about it makes me less stressed and happier so I just need to accept the fact it is part of my life and make some time for it.
    • I need to blog at least twice a week.
    • Writing in my journal is a great way to get my prayer on and think about what is going on in my life.  I always feel better after, and yet I always forget to do it.
5.  The Big One.  This goal has no inherent moral value.  It surely isn't the most important on the list.  But it is by far the hardest. For the past ten years, I've woken up at 7:00 most days of the week.  Unless I've stayed up extraordinarily late, I'm still awake by 7:30 on most weekends.  7:00 is my default wake-up time.  In 2014, I want to make it 6:00.  I've tried this before and failed completely, but there are so many advantages I want to make it happen.
  • Getting up at 6:00 will make it a LOT more likely I'll make it to 7:30 daily mass at some point during the week.  Normally, I have to decide to set my alarm early and then remember not to hit the snooze button.  It is really hard to avoid the snooze button!  This will make my default time 6:00 and make it much easier to be up and ready to go by 7:30.
  • I'm supposed to be attending early morning operations at work a lot more frequently than I am currently.  Waking up at 6:00 will allow me to catch the tail end of those operations a day or two each week, and make it easier on those days I need to get up even earlier to catch the whole thing.
  • If I'm not going to church or work, I can use that extra time to read, write, and get some stretching in.  I can be productive in the morning instead of rushing to get things done.  I always find I feel better in the morning if I've had some time to prepare and do some things prior to work.
What are your goals for 2014? 



  1. Wow, these are awesome! Kudos to you for setting the bar high! I've been getting up at 6:45am most mornings for classes and I thought that was early ;-) Good luck on 6am! I can't wait to hear how you're doing with your other goals as the year progresses!

  2. Great goals! I like that they are specific. Also, I appreciate that you recognize your introversion but are still working to meet new people. That's really great and exciting!