Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---

Okay people - big news.  I got my first unassisted pull up at CrossFit!  No bands or jumping or anything.  My goal is a strict pull up (no swinging the legs or using momentum) but I'd also never done a kipping pull up.  

Last Saturday during the warm up, I heard my coach talking to someone else about kipping.  I just decided to try it since I'd been working on strict and hadn't tried kipping in months, if ever.  So I did one.  It was so weird because I got done and looked at the bar in shock - did that really just work?  I wandered over to my coach and said, "I think I just did a kipping pull up."  She said, "And I missed it?!  Do it again!"  

If you go to 1:50 on the below video, you can see what one of these looks like.

I did several more on Saturday.  On Wednesday we had a workout which included 45 pull ups in total.  I used the smallest band available (apparently good for about 15lbs) and knocked them out pretty quickly compared to my old method.  I actually feel athletic!  And sore!

--- 2 ---

I posted my 2014 goals last weekend as well.  My church-going goals this week have been thwarted by snow and cold weather.  On Sunday there was 8 inches of snow and the wind chill was -25!  I suppose that's not too terrible compared to what other people had, but that's very cold and a lot of snow for around here.  The city doesn't even own enough plows or have enough people do do anything but the main roads and some of the school routes.  

--- 3 ---

In news to no one, it is cold here.  It is cold everywhere.  I don't know if I've ever been as cold as I was outside this week.

--- 4 ---

My roomie got the stomach flu this week and it has been my quest to avoid joining her in the puke-fest.  I've learned a great deal about the stomach bug (it isn't really the flu), but mostly really crazy statistics from Wikipedia.  

Noroviruses are transmitted directly from person to person and indirectly via contaminated water and food. They are extremely contagious, and fewer than twenty virus particles can cause an infection[4](some research suggests as few as five).[8] Transmission occurs through ingesting contaminated food and water and by person-to-person spread. Transmission can be aerosolized when those stricken with the illness vomit, and can be aerosolized by a toilet flush when vomit or diarrhea is present; infection can follow eating food or breathing air near an episode of vomiting, even if cleaned up.[17] The viruses continue to be shed after symptoms have subsided and shedding can still be detected many weeks after infection.[18]

Vomiting, in particular, transmits infection effectively. In one incident, a person who vomited spread infection right across a restaurant, suggesting that many unexplained cases of food poisoning may have their source in vomit. 126 people were dining at six tables in December 1998; one woman vomited. Staff quickly cleaned up, and people continued eating. Three days later others started falling ill; 52 people reported a range of symptoms, from fever and nausea to vomiting and diarrhea. The cause was not immediately identified. Researchers plotted the seating arrangement: more than 90% of the people at the same table as the sick woman later reported becoming ill. There was a direct correlation between the risk of infection of people at other tables and how close they were to the sick woman. More than 70% of the diners at an adjacent table fell ill; at a table on the other side of the restaurant, the rate was still 25%. The outbreak was attributed to a Norwalk-like virus (norovirus). Other cases of transmission by vomit were later identified.

In one outbreak at an international scout jamboree in the Netherlands, each person with gastroenteritis infected an average of 14 people before increased hygiene measures were put in place. Even after these new measures were enacted, an ill person still infected an average of 2.1 other people.[19]


--- 5 ---

In other words, I'm really, really, really lucky I'm not in the bathroom hurling while I type this.  Though of course I would not be typing this!  What have I done so far to keep it at bay?

  • Turkey broth.  I make this from the carcass when I make a turkey and cook it a long time to get the good stuff out of the bones.  It is supposed to be good for digestive health.
  • Probiotics.  I have several different types, and I've taken enough for them to mildly upset my stomach on my own.  Better the good bugs than the bad!
  • Essential oils. To take internally, you've got to get a really high quality brand.  Many essential oils can also be applied to the skin.
  • Reduced food intake.  I have excluded all sugar and haven't eaten as much as I normally do.
  • Hand washing. Duh.

--- 6 ---

This week I signed up for a Couch to 3.1 (5k) group.  This will include 9 weeks of training and entrance into a race in March.  I start tomorrow - wish me luck!

--- 7 ---

And I've run out of random takes.  All the work associated with not getting the pukies has made me a lot less random!


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  1. It's a miracle everyone on the planet isn't puking their guts out every day. Off to wash my hands!

    1. I ended up getting it, which is why I'm so far behind this week. Ugh. Good luck!

  2. Congrats on the pull up! How awesome!!! Stay warm and healthy :-)