Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Interesting links

I recently found three, totally unrelated interesting links you might find useful.

First, Glenn Packiam's Blog had some information on Atonement Theories with a video of N.T. Wright.  I'd never had any idea there were different theories and then I found myself overwhelmed with trying to pick one.  I liked how this approached it.

Here's a response to Sarah Palin's suggested use of water boarding to baptize terrorists at the Deacon's Bench.  Did you know the Catholic Church teaches torture is intrinsically evil?  No matter how badly we want to torture the bad guys, it is wrong.  And also not cool to compare to a sacrament.  

How do we know the Gospels are historical?  This is at the Catholic Education Resource Center. I heard a similar question to this just the other day.  Do you have an answer?

Another question from that conversation, from a different person, was about the Catholic view of salvation.  Here's some interesting food for thought, as well as a link to an excellent summary written by a non-Catholic (at the time; he's since converted).

From today, an article about Pope Francis' homily: The Church is more than 'a university of religion,' Pope Insists.  “Let us ask: How is my witness? Am I a Christian who witnesses to Jesus or are a simple numerary in this sect? Am I fruitful because I bear witness, or sterile because (I am) unable to let the Holy Spirit lead me forward in my Christian vocation?”

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